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Founder, All About Sleep
I write all about sleep and how to improve your health & fitness with Oura ring and other tracking devices. I build software to improve your sleep, wellbeing, and happiness at Gateway Labs.

The First Person I Talk to in the Morning is a Bot.

The First Person I Talk to in the Morning is a Bot.

When I turn on my phone in the morning I receive a message with my Daily score and a simple follow up question. The daily score is made up of my Sleep and Readiness scores from my Oura Ring, and a “real feel” score that I entered. It’s one thing to sleep well, but to feel good is just as important! The follow up question from my ai sleep coach helps to identify patterns and allows me to create healthy new habits and kick unhelpful ones.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels
I’ve realised, by talking to over 100 Oura users, that everyone is truly unique. People sleep differently, are at different life stages and are dealing with different things. People also have different motivation for tracking their sleep. This can range from someone being a biohacker, to an athlete, to a student, to a woman going through menopause. Some people want to sleep better while others want to live to be over 100, and of course there is everybody in between.
My team and I have been working on this for little over a month now and after making a dashboard for the Oura Ring to increase accuracy of the scores, we’ve created an ai sleep coach to help you to improve, and not just track, your sleep. The point is to figure out how I slept and why. If my sleep score was great and I feel ready to take on anything, I’m able to note the positive things I did the day before and repeat them. I can track the things that caused me to sleep badly or feel a little run down, and avoid doing them.
As a founder my days can be intense so I don’t always have much time to work on what’s most important, like my health. This is why I really love the convenience of receiving a message and feeling like I have a coach in my pocket. I’m so excited about being able to work in this space that I want to share access with you right now!
If you use an Oura Ring, follow these steps to access your own sleep coach:
  1. Download telegram (for ios or android)
  2. Click this link on your mobile device
  3. Meet your new sleep coach!
If you have any questions or feedback, just let me know! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

we are now live on JAM

We are now LIVE on JAM to talk about sleep.

How to sleep better, feel better, be better. 
Let's discuss the Oura ring and other sleep trackers, what to do to get better quality sleep, how to establish great morning and evening routines, and more. join us! 
P.s.: If you want to come on stage and chat with us, let us know if you simply want to listen in... cool! 

Let's talk about sleep

Every Wednesday, we talk about sleep for an hour on Jam:
Click the link and listen in. Jam is free, works without an app, simply click the link in your browser:
Join us on February 24th, 5 PM Vienna time(GMT+1), 8 AM San Francisco (PST), and 11 AM New York (EST)

Pete and the All About Sleep team

How Oura changed my life

 I've written about how Oura helped me change my life.
Based on my sleep data, I was able to take some simple steps to improve my sleep and my health. It's amazing how these things seem so small but can make such a big difference to my overall well-being. Even if you sleep well, or you don't have an Oura ring, you'll still find these useful! You can read all about them: here:

All About Sleep - sleep tracking with Oura & more


my name is Peter M. Buch, but you can call me Pete.
I am a geek from Vienna, Austria who's traveled the world, building multiple businesses including Swelly, a polling app used by almost 10 million people.
My journey was all about working hard, hustling, and going all-in on my businesses. Last year, I had a rude awakening. You can read my stories here.
After getting my Oura ring, my life changed for the better. I sleep longer, I am more aware of my overall health and wellbeing and I generally think I am happier.
Together with my 2 friends  Phil  &  Fred  I started this community to help you improve your sleep, share your experience with Oura, and eventually be happier, more productive, and more motivated together.
 Staci  joined our team early on to help with Community Management, Design, Writing, and other things.

This community is for you if you want to get more out of your Oura ring, or other sleep tracking devices. If you want to improve and constantly strive to be a better you. If you are like us, on a journey to be happier and more healthy.

Thanks for joining ALL ABOUT SLEEP

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